El Rosario Farm


El Rosario Farm is a family-owned orchard operation in northern Chile. With more than 3,500 acres of fruit starting in the Aconcagua region and running through the Rancagua region, El Rosario boasts a broad selection of delicious stone fruit. 

Lemon plums are El Rosario's specialty, and we're excited to share this sweet, unique fruit with you. The hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters of the Acongagua Valley make an ideal environment for lemon plum trees to thrive. These exquisite growing conditions enhance the quality of this amazing plum, which is harvested yellow in color but turns a beautiful blush red when fully ripe.

Despite it's namesake, lemon plums are very sweet when ripe and make a wonderful addition to salads and desserts.

Fun fact: The Aconcagua region was the first valley to be planted in the early years of the Chile's fresh fruit industry.