Frozen Grape Pops

Serves 4-6


30 frozen grapes
30 toothpicks
1 - 7 oz. container 2% Greek yogurt, plain
1 cup ground hazelnuts 


Cut off the tip of each grape so it can sit cut side down. Push one toothpick into each grape, working quickly so the grapes stay frozen.

Before dipping each grape into the yogurt, wipe off the frost on the grapes with paper towel. Doing so will help the yogurt better stick to the grapes. After dipping a grape in yogurt, quickly dip the bottom of the grape in a bowl of ground hazelnuts.

Set the dipped grape onto a pan lined with a sheet of wax paper/parchment. Finish rest of the grapes in the same way.

Return to freezer for one hour prior to serving.